Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Japan's Communists on Piracy in Somalia

Japan has agreed to send navy ships to the coast of Somalia to help combat pirates who are attacking cargo ships. This is good. Japan needs to do more of this. If you are a first-world nation that benefits from international trade, you need to help keep shipping lanes safe. Yet Japan's communist party doesn't see it that way.

A statement from our Japanese comrades:

"Japanese Communist Party Chair Shii Kazuo at a news conference on January 8 expressed opposition to the move to establish a new law to send a Self-Defense Force unit to waters off Somalia ostensibly to take part in anti-piracy operations to protect Japanese ships. "

"Ostensibly" to take part in piracy options? So this is all a ruse? I suppose Japan is really planning on colonizing east Africa. I see.

Our friends in red continue:

"The government has never attempted to dispatch a military vessel overseas for policing activity under the Self-Defense Forces Law. Shii said, 'Piracy is a criminal act that should be solved through police activity. It is wrong to call for Japanese warships to be deployed abroad.'"

Yes, piracy is a criminal act. Correct. So what's your point? This should be handled by Somalian policemen? Should we send Tokyo street cops in fishing vessels to handle things? If you thought that mainstream Japanese politicians were lost, you can take heart that the communists are really confused. Japan is trying to act like a responsible global citizen here, and forces within the country want Japan to stick its head back in the sand. Not good.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Mr. Kato,

First of all, let me say that I respect your views and opinions. However I feel that you are very much over-simplifying the situation by making light of it. Shii Kazuo, unlike most of us, is only attempting to circumvent future ramifications of the deployment of Japanese warships. He is saying, granted without too much clarity, that this is not the solution. If Japan really wants to be a 'responsible global citizen' it would be better to correct piracy at its roots rather than simply employing band-aid solutions; which by the way can have grave consequences if Japanese warships were to use aggression towards the Somali population -- who currently respect and admire Japan's position globally. However, as with all reputations, it is possible that through hostilities that Somalis might take offense to Japanese intervention and Japan would hamper its efforts to build clout and influence in the region. Japan could do well to take lessons (on what not to do) from the US; in Africa and the Middle East. Japan needs energy resources, very badly, and Africa (particularly Somalia) has some of the largest untapped oil reserves in the world.

To be genuine and honest in our discourse we need to admit to our own faults and shortcomings. Piracy is a direct result of illegal dumping and fishing in the Middle East and Africa, of which Japan plays a huge part. Japan, along with its G8 friends, must help build a stronger and more functional Somali government -- which can deal with piracy at a grassroots level.

Also, another correction. There are no such people as "Somalians", the correct vernacular is "Somalis". With that said, I truly do not mean this to be an insult, but rather a small invitation to dialog -- as most of the world's current situations can be attributed to a lack of cultural understanding and communication. I love Japan and all the Japanese people I have ever met in my life have treated me with a love and respect befitting of family. I do not want to see Japan go the way of the US.